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To flush or not to flush? Drain problems

How to clear a blocked toilet

The drainage network in the UK is old. Really old. And as you know – a blocked toilet can be a massive, and expensive, headache.

Here are our quick tips to destroy the myths for keeping your drains in good condition:

    • “Flushable” doesn’t mean down the toilet! If you flush wet wipes of any nature down your toilet prepare for a blockage. Yes, they are flushable – in newer drainage systems. If your property is over 5/10 years old it’s not worth the risk. It only takes 1 wet wipe to get stuck and you could have a blockage, or worse, cracked drain pipes!
    • Plungers are useless, right? Wrong – are you using it correctly? Most people plunge with the same rhythm up and down but this isn’t the most effective method. The best way is to push down slowly and pull up sharply. Continue pushing and pulling in this manner until the water begins to drain away. NOTE: This may take 15-20 attempts but could save you paying for a plumber!
    • Supermarket drain cleaner couldn’t hurt? One of the leading causes for leaking drain pipes is off-the-shelf drain cleaner. Be careful as some of these are dangerous chemicals and acids that burn away the obstruction – if you have older drainage pipes there is a higher risk of the drain cleaning chemicals creating holes in the pipes or weakening them till they collapse.
    • When all else fails… Get a trained engineer! We can organise an emergency drainage engineer to be at your property in just a few hours! Call 033 33 052 999 now.


What you can flush:

  1. Human waste
  2. Toilet paper

What you cannot flush:

  1. “Biodegradable” or “Flushable” wipes – The number #1 cause of blockages, did you know they can take almost a decade to actually break down?
  2. Food waste – particularly fat! A leftover piece of bread might not do much harm, but animal bones, apple cores, fruit stones etc are all a no-no!
  3. Condoms, tampons, nappies, cotton buds (etc).
  4. Paint and building materials – This should be self-explanatory, right?
  5. Deceased pets – We’ve all see the scene in a movie where a parent flushes the goldfish down the loo, please don’t add your hamster or gerbil to the mix.

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